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trade show displaysCompanies that want to advertise or showcase their products and services must have a professional trade show display in order to attract more business. There are many ways in which participants of trade shows can have a professional looking display. Participants can do the following: (1) rent their booths or displays, (2) have their displays or booths custom built, (3) buy pre-used displays, or (4) a combination of all three. Whatever method the participants will decide on will depend mainly on how much money they are willing to spend on their display. When choosing how to build your display for success, the company must consider its budget, the number of trade shows that they are planning to join in the near future, and the image that they are willing to project to the public.

Here are some of the following styles that you can use for your trade show display:

* Table top displays

* Banner stands

* Portable displays

* Pop-up displays

* Backlit displays

* Custom displays

There are times that your company will be assigned to a small space which can only allow you to setup a few tables. If this is the scenario then the best display type to use is the table top display. This type of display is effective in catching the attention of your target audience especially if you use the right graphics.

A banner stand is usually a frame that is held up on a stand. These banner stands can be used at the trade show entrance to announce the presence of your company. It can also be used in the booth when you need small exhibits to showcase your company. The right graphics displayed tastefully on the banner can speak about your company and its products. Banners can be used as individual displays or in combination with a larger display set-up.

When you want to easily move your displays then you must use the portable display designs. These displays are composed of panels which can easily be set up and dismantled without using nuts and bolts. The panels of these portable displays are interchangeable which makes them easy to customize to suit different situations. For smaller booth areas, a pop-up trade show display design will work best because you can take it with you as you move from one trade show to the other. Pop-up displays are versatile because they can be folded and easily transported. Another advantage of a pop-up display is that they can easily be modified once you open them up which will allow you to easily change your designs.

They can be set up and dismantled in a few minutes, making them easy for even a single person to handle. If used on top of tables along with lighting, they can make a very effective and stand-out display. All displays can be used with backlighting to make then more effective. The light can draw attention to your booth and if the right lighting colors are used, they can emphasize various aspects of your display in a very dramatic manner.

Large corporations that have a big marketing budget can spend on custom trade show displays. They may even have more than one display unit to use at different shows. These units make important investments and they can be elaborately designed. Companies can use their imagination to build creative displays that will draw attention. In fact, if they take part in the same shows each year, they may use new themes to make their displays unique every year. Since they have the budget, they can build new displays each year or renovate their old ones to look new.

Custom displays allow you to create effective sales messages. They can incorporate contemporary designs, new display techniques and unique graphics. The last type of exhibit display is the modular unit. This again is a portable and flexible display model. It is made up of various parts that can be arranged to suit changing themes of trade shows.

A company has to consider its budget and the number of times it will participate in trade shows first before choosing its display type. If a company is a start-up, it may begin with small display units such as a table top or a pop-up. This will allow them to get a feel of attending a trade show. However, as the company increases its business and is expanding, they can now experiment on larger display units and become more aggressive in its marketing and advertising campaign.


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